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In Vivo NIR-II Spectral Probe

Quantitate bio-photonic emissions and visualize the spectral shifting of ABS in real-time

The IRina™ in vivo spectral probe can deliver full spectral measurements in the NIR-II range. Ideal for measuring fluorescence emission from nanosensors or new dyes, its small form factor and ergonomic benchtop design allow for easy measurement inside small living animals or thick tissues. Using the included PHySpec™ software, multiple acquisitions and time series are straightforward to acquire and analyze.

Product Specifications

Technical Specifications
Spectral range 900 - 1600 nm
Spectral resolution 5 nm
Spectral sampling ~ 1.6 nm
Light source 650 and 735 nm laser, other wavelengths available upon request
Maximum laser power on sample ~ 1 W
Working distance 40 - 70 mm
Spot size 1 - 10 mm
Focal length 75 mm
Detection sensor High sensitivity linear array
Data format HDF5, CSV, JPG, PNG
Software PC (Windows10 - 64-bits) with PHySpec™ control and analysis software (computer included)
Computer interface USB
Dimensions 470 x 230 x 275 mm
Weight 2 kg


CLAIR and IRINA, a perfect combination for a sophisticated customization request

To fulfill a special order, our team created a unique system combining our ClaIR and IRina products. Our engineers made sure that the system uses the same laser source for both products.

For any customization request, contact us at

White Papers

In Vivo NIR-II Imaging: A Disruptive Force for Preclinical Research

Authors Stephen Marchant, Jacob Yvon-Leroux and Émilie Beaulieu Ouellet


In vivo imaging in the second near-infrared biological window (NIR-II) is in its early stages but will undoubtedly affect life science research on many levels. The NIR-II (short-wave infrared, or SWIR) imaging modality is not affected by drawbacks of light propagation in living tissues in the same way that other techniques are. Thus, it enables much deeper real-time imaging of optical probes in…

Custom Products

Beyond our standard product lines, we bring to bear our know-how through collaborations with industry and researchers both local and international. It’s in our DNA to build systems that measure up to the high standards set by our customers in science and industry. Please contact us if you don’t see what you are looking for in our standard product lines.

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