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Semiconductor materials are present in a vast collection of devices, ranging from transistors to solar cells, multiprocessors to light-emitting diodes. In order to improve further the next generation of such devices, researchers need to study the fundamental properties of semiconductor materials and perform quality control measurements. To do so, accurate characterization systems and methods are paramount.

To answer that need, hyperspectral imaging, both macro-and microscopic, provides rapid electroluminescence (EL) and photoluminescence (PL) maps. It was successfully employed to characterize different defects present in SiC pin diodes and to study the uniformity of optoelectronic properties in CIGS, CIS and GaAs solar cells.

Raman scattering allows probing the vibrational modes of material revealing critical information on its structure, its native defects and its uniformity. Point-by-point technologies are effective at measuring Raman scattering but remain highly local, limited by the laser’s beam size. It is restrictive to obtain the full picture of a macroscopic sample, which is extremely important to fully understand the material’s properties. With global imaging, one can access the same level of information on the optoelectronic properties as point by point technology, but a full image revealing the uniformity and the domains of the material, which allows linking the optical signature to specific defects. Such defects could be related to stoichiometry, dislocations, secondary phases, thickness, impurities, surface defects, strain, etc.


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