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Degradation and Self-Healing of FAPbBr3 Perovskite under Soft-X-Ray Irradiation

Auteurs Valeria Milotti, Stefania Cacovich, Davide Raffaele Ceratti, Daniel Ory, Jessica Barichello, Fabio Matteocci, Aldo Di Carlo, Polina M. Sheverdyaeva, Philip Schulz, Paolo Moras


The extensive use of perovskites as light absorbers calls for a deeper understanding of the interaction of these materials with light. Here, the evolution of the chemical and optoelectronic properties of formamidinium lead tri-bromide (FAPbBr3) films is tracked under the soft X-ray beam of a high-brilliance synchrotron source by photoemission spectroscopy and micro-photoluminescence. Two contrasting processes are at play during the irradiation. The degradation of the material manifests with the formation of Pb0 metallic clusters, loss of gaseous Br2, decrease and shift of the photoluminescence emission. The recovery of the photoluminescence signal for prolonged beam exposure times is ascribed to self-healing of FAPbBr3, thanks to the re-oxidation of Pb0 and migration of FA+ and Br ions. This scenario is validated on FAPbBr3 films treated by Ar+ ion sputtering. The degradation/self-healing effect, which is previously reported for irradiation up to the ultraviolet regime, has the potential of extending the lifetime of X-ray detectors based on perovskites.

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