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Spectroscopy Analysis for Mineralogy Mapping

Automated spectral analysis for systematic, consistent, fast, and cheap results

Rock and pickaxe

Rich spectral signature of minerals

Hyperspectral imaging (HSI) responds to the mining industry’s increasing demand for better exploration tools. Mineralogy displays a rich range of spectral features in the visible to long-wave infrared. Instant mineral identification is done by the spectral signature analysis of surface or underground drill core characterization. When performing hyperspectral analysis in the infrared, plenty of new, useful information is unveiled, previously unattainable by a human operator, in a very precise, systematic, and consistent way.

Enhanced decision-making

HSI cameras are becoming a must-have addition to geologists’ toolboxes when performing core logging activities and controlling the mining processes. They help them build better mines, make more accurate models, and estimate more precisely the resources with advanced geoscience data delivered by computer-assisted analysis. When spectroscopy is added to other technologies that give quantitative elemental mapping, decision-making is greatly enhanced.

Mineral versus elemental analysis

In comparison with technologies offering direct identification of the product of interest by elemental analysis, HSI uses proxies to infer the potential presence of the target. For example, gold can be directly observed using an XRF tool, while a set of correlated alteration minerals will be used to suggest the presence of gold when gathering spectral data. However, mapping the alteration minerals allows the determination of the vector toward mineralization, which is impossible to do with the elements map. In metallurgy, the mineral description of the extracted ore fed into the processing plant can be used to improve recovery efficiency and minimize hazardous tailings.

The future of mining and geology

Whether it is for resolving the most complex mineralogies, lowering core logging costs, accelerating the decision-making process with instant available results, or helping geologists make better 3D models of their mine, hyperspectral and infrared imaging will surely play a pivotal role in the future of mining and geology.

Offered as a service, on-site automated drill core logging brings unprecedented benefits to the mining industry on a short payback period.

nCore | Engaged with the Future of Mining and Geology

The nCore is a fully automated multi-sensor scanning platform for continuous drill core scanning and handling. Built with our proprietary state-of-the-art hyperspectral imagers, the system can deliver its outstanding performance directly on-site, thanks to its containerized and mobile lab dual configuration options. Its unique 7 sensor combination provides the most comprehensive imaging tool set, delivering an extensive map of the mineralogy with unmatched precision.

Custom Products

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