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Infrared camera and Hyperspectral Imaging system reshaping the industrial sector

Infrared cameras and hyperspectral imaging systems are on a path to radically transform the industrial sector in unprecedented ways. With its ability to capture high-resolution spectral images and detect even the slightest variations in color, hyperspectral imaging is poised to become an essential tool in quality control, material inspection, and product development. Infrared imaging, on the other hand, can be used for material inspection, process monitoring, machine vision, and safety inspections giving information in the infrared spectrum. As infrared and hyperspectral imaging continues to advance, its potential to revolutionize the industrial sector is enormous.

Photon etc. has an important role to play in these industrial subsectors. With our advanced photonic technology, we offer cutting-edge solutions that improve productivity, reduce production costs and increase safety.

Currently our technology empowers four sub-sectors in the industrial field :

Material sorting (plastics and textiles)

In the material sorting subsector, we optimize waste management with advanced optical sensors that detect and separate different types of materials based on their unique optical properties. This results in more efficient and accurate sorting of recyclable materials, reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill.

Water Analysis

Hydrocarbon detection

In hydrocarbon detection, the use of infrared sensors and hyperspectral imager improves the detection and identification of hydrocarbons, allowing for monitoring of oil and gas leaks in pipelines and tanks, thereby enhancing safety and environmental protection.

Remote Sensing


In the mining subsector, we use photonic technology to improve mineral detection, enabling more precise exploration of mineral deposits and more efficient extraction of minerals. The combination of hyperspectral with other types of optical sensors (LIBS, XRF, LIF) can be used for precise geological analysis, reducing costs and waste in the extraction process. 

Mining & Geology

Agricultural and agri-food markets

In the agricultural and agri-food markets, our optical sensors monitor crop quality and growth in real time. Infrared sensors can be used to monitor chlorophyll levels in plants with fluorescence allowing for monitoring of their health and growth.

Photon etc. is committed to advancing the industrial sector with our cutting-edge photonic solutions. Let us help you improve productivity, reduce costs, and enhance safety in your industry.

Infrared Camera and Hyperspectral Imager: What is the Difference?

The ZephIR is a broadband camera that captures grayscale images in the infrared spectrum. These images can offer valuable insights into temperature distribution and other physical properties of the objects imaged. It can also be combined with filters in order to highlight key physical properties of its subject. The ZephIR is an area camera that captures fixed images or video streams in the infrared spectrum, making it suitable for a wide range of applications including industrial and scientific research, medical imaging, and monitoring.

In contrast to traditional imaging techniques that capture images in only three spectral bands (red, green, and blue) per pixel, the L-EOS, a hyperspectral imaging system, captures hundreds of spectral bands stacked in each pixel, forming a hyperspectral data cube. This unique capability allows for highly detailed and comprehensive spectral analysis of the imaged objects. However, it's worth noting that the L-EOS requires either motion from the object or the camera itself to acquire the data cube, as it creates an image by scanning one row at the time. Hyperspectral data cube provides more information than single band imaging, making it suitable for material sorting and in-depth analysis.

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