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The Company

The Company

Photon etc. is a Canadian tech firm that develops scientific, analytical and biomedical imaging instruments, from concept to commercialization. Photon etc. has earned recognition in the scientific community for its living cell imaging, solar cell characterization, nanotechnology and industrial recycling sorting solutions.

Our Advantages


From day one at Photon etc., you’ll be working shoulder to shoulder with innovators pushing the boundaries in their field. We pride ourselves on the positive impact that our projects have on the environment and for improving quality of life for all members of society.

Environment and Commitment

In the Photon etc. workplace, professional growth is accelerated by fast paced and constantly evolving technical challenges; continued learning is encouraged in order to enrich collaboration and spark ideas; personal and collective initiatives are given encouragement and resources.

Flexibility and Conciliation

Photon etc. offers a flexible schedule with the possibility of telecommuting when appropriate for the position. Work-life balance is a priority at Photon etc.

Flat Organizational Structure or Self-Management

Photon etc. draws extensively from the freedom-form company model: decrease hierarchy to favour freedom, well-being, and efficiency. Our aim is for employees to manage themselves in an atmosphere of mutual trust and recognition.

Unsolicited Application

Photon etc. owes its success in the scientific instrumentation industry to the creativity and excellence of its team members. We are always on the lookout for self-starting professionals with a strong background and a problem-solving approach. If you have something special to bring to our team, we invite you to apply at

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Everybody is welcome to bring new inventions at Photon etc. We want to be the translator between the high-tech and the needs of the world.
Worker Shareholder Co-op

Worker Shareholder Co-op

All Photon etc.’s team members are part of a Worker Shareholder Co-op (WS Co-op). Through this structure, employees collectively own a share of the company. For more information, see our press release on this subject.