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Creation of the Photon etc. Worker Shareholder Co-op

In 2009, Photon etc.’s employees create the Cooperative of Workers Shareholders (CTA) of Photon etc. This initiative, supported by the Coopérative de Développement Régional de Montréal-Laval and financed by Investissement Québec, enabled an investment of $500,000 in Photon etc.

The initial goal is to make employees share in the profits of the company more advantageously than by buying shares. From the beginning and still today, the CTA has held around 10% of the company’s shares and allows its employees to contribute to the financing of the activities while being eligible for RRSPs and Cooperative Investment Plans (RIC).

The advantage is therefore twofold: to provide financing for the company while allowing employees to participate in the economic health of their business, while obtaining certain tax benefits.

There is also, of course, the idea of ​​retaining staff. By recruiting and retaining qualified people ready to put the necessary effort into the proper functioning of a company that belongs to them, Photon etc. makes sure to remain competitive and innovative in a field where these qualities are essential.

The employees contribute each pay period by purchasing preferred shares. The shares are bought back after a minimum of 5 years detention. The membres are also eventually able to benefit from dividends in addition to the significant tax advantages that this business model offers.

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