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About Us

Photon etc. is a renowned Quebec company located in the heart of innovative Montreal, specializing in the design and manufacture of hyperspectral and infrared imaging systems. Founded in 2003, our expertise in photonics allows us to offer innovative solutions to the most complex challenges in research and advanced industrial applications.

Scientists and industrialists turn to our expertise for the most advanced imaging and analysis instruments, whether it's to discover new materials for solar energy, see through living tissue, or obtain better characterisation of industrial production. A claim reflected in the growing number of scientific publications that use our products for their research. 

Photon etc. designs and manufactures cutting-edge imaging and analysis systems

With twenty years of innovation in optics. Photon etc. has established itself as a key player in hyperspectral and infrared imaging. The vertical integration of our platforms facilitates better quality control at every stage of production and optimisation for the most niche applications. Beyond our proven product lines, we are leveraging our expertise and technologies through a growing number of collaborations and partnerships with industries and researchers around the world.

Developing new platforms that meet the highest demands of scientists and industry is what we do best!

Our Mission

Designing and manufacturing solutions to the world's most complex challenges by putting our state-of-the-art technologies and expertise to work for the world's innovators and scientists.

Our Vision

At Photon etc. we aim to provide an in-depth understanding and insight into an increasingly complex world.

Our Values


Taking the risk to think differently.


Respect for diversity, inclusion, and the courage to listen.


We encourage initiative and creativity in the achievement of our goals.


Client satisfaction is at the heart of our day-to-day, delivered through the rigour of our operations and the quality of our products.


Our passion is everywhere, through our exchange of ideas and mutual support.




A spin-off from Caltech, Photon etc. was born out of a desire to reveal previously unseen aspects of our universe through hyperspectral imaging

Patent for Bragg Grating Filtering

Patent of the Bragg grating filter, invented by Sébastien Blais-Ouellette while he was a researcher at Caltech

LLTF: A Tunable Filter

Thanks to this patented technology, an innovative narrow tunable laser filter was designed

V-EOS: A Wide-field Imager

The filter is combined with visible science grade cameras to form a unique instrument for 'photographing' the chemical composition of things

Spin-off Company: Photonic Knowledge

The V-EOS is a great success in the mining sector, enough to justify the spin-off of a new company specialising in this field

Spin-off Companies: Nüvü Cameras and Optina Diagnostics

Two other spin-offs and subsidiaries are created, one in the EMCCD camera industry (Nüvü Camēras) and the other through the application of our technology to the ophthalmic medical field (Optina Diagnostics)

IMA & RIMA: Towards Hyperspectral Microscopy

The combination of the hyperspectral filter with microscopy gives rise to two imaging platforms: the IMA and the RIMA. Two platforms that have earned the trust of several advanced materials research laboratories

Borea & ZephIR: Cooled Infrared Cameras

The vertical integration of the development of scientific grade infrared cameras gives the company a unique advantage and opens a whole range of new opportunities

First Foray into NIR II

Working with researchers we designed our first NIR II system by combining our Alizé camera with a microscope to obtain an IMA IR, our first foray into NIR II

IR VIVO: A Preclinical Infrared Imager

With its infrared imaging know-how, Photon etc. sets off to conquer several applications in the field of life science with its preclinical imaging platform: the IR VIVO.

WMIC Innovation Award and CTA Creation

IR VIVO receives the Innovation of the Year Award from the World Molecular Imaging Society (WMIS). An important step in the conquest of the preclinical imaging market in NIR-II.

Creation of the Photon etc Workers' Cooperative (CTA)

Launch of the L-EOS

Photon etc. introduces the L-EOS: a scanning hyperspectral SWIR system optimised for industrial use

Launch of Multiple Products: nCore, ClaIR and IRina

Launch of nCore: a fully autonomous multi-sensor scanning platform designed for continuous core scanning

Confirmation of our position as the leading optical instrument in NIR II with two new products: IRina and ClaIR

Photon etc. Acquires Kaer Labs

Photon etc. announces the acquisition of Kaer Labs, a French company specialised in the development and commercialisation of optical instrumentation for medical research and life sciences

Photon etc. turns 20!


Our products

Photon etc. is a designer and manufacturer of science grade infrared cameras and lenses, hyperspectral imaging platforms (wide-field and microscopy), preclinical imagers and tunable filters and lasers.