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  • Webinar

Combining Hyperspectral Imaging and Absolute Calibration to Probe Emerging Materials for Solar Cells

This webinar explains how hyperspectral imaging - a non-destructive optical approach - can help face challenges in the field of photovoltaics by providing insight on absorption, degradation, defects and losses. When coupled with photometric absolute calibration, optoelectronic properties such as the Voc, charge transport efficiency and EQE can also be extracted. Having access to those key parameters over a large area can help identify viable candidates and help orient fabrication methods. A technology overview and demonstrations are carried out in this webinar.

Photon etc.’s IMA is an ultrafast and all-in-one customizable hyperspectral microscope. It rapidly provides spectrally and spatially resolved photoluminescence, electroluminescence, fluorescence, reflectance, and transmittance maps. This imaging system provides hyperspectral imaging solutions in the visible / near-infrared range (400 nm - 1000 nm) as well as in the short-wave infrared range (900 nm - 1620 nm).

The webinar was live on March 31st and lasted 1 hour. A recording of the webinar is available on YouTube.