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San Juan, Puerto Rico

The 50th IEEE Photovoltaic Specialists Conference

Join us at the 50th IEEE Photovoltaic Specialists Conference on June 11-16, 2023 in San Juan, Puerto Rico. This year’s conference marks a special occasion in PV history, the 50th gathering of the premier scientific and technical conference focused on all areas of photovoltaics. We have chosen Puerto Rico to celebrate a community who has turned to solar to rebuild their energy infrastructure after hurricane Maria in 2017 as we look forward toward a bright future for PV.

We will celebrate this occasion by offering a diverse technical program divided into eleven areas covering the breadth and depth of PV science, manufacturing, reliability, deployment, policy and sustainability. We will have a slate of exciting keynote, plenary and invited speakers sharing up-to-date research summaries and breakthroughs. Our signature Sunday session will be dedicated to tutorials, for students, entry-level professionals as well as for seasoned PV experts looking to expand their knowledge to new areas. The conference’s Exhibits area will welcome companies to showcase their latest developments in characterization, materials and manufacturing. All of these events will be enhanced by ample opportunities for networking to form new collaborations and friendships as well as renew old acquaintances.

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