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Miami Beach Convention Center

WMIC 2022

Photon etc. is participating in the World Molecular Imaging Congress. An event that brings together people from around the world, who represent the entire spectrum of molecular imaging, around scientific and educational sessions to share their significant contributions to our understanding of biology, technological innovation and/or evaluation of new developments in the clinic.

Visit us at : booth 306

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CLAIR and IRINA, a perfect combination for a sophisticated customization request

To fulfill a special order, our team created a unique system combining our ClaIR and IRina products. Our engineers made sure that the system uses the same laser source for both products.

For any customization request, contact us at

IR VIVO Guided Tour

IR VIVO is an infrared multispectral imager for small animal studies. This system benefits from reduced light scattering, absorption and auto-fluorescence by using a detection system in the near and short-wave infrared. Visualize your biomarkers in vivo and in real-time with optimized contrast resolution and sensitivity. IR VIVO takes advantage of the most recent developments in SWIR imaging with an ultra-low-noise InGaAs camera (Alizé 1.7 or ZephIR 1.7), novel homogeneous illumination and powerful analytical software to provide an unprecedented combination of fast, high resolution and deep imaging.