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Annalen Der Physik

  • Biochemistry & Nanosensors

Electrochemical Structure-Switching Sensing Using Nanoplasmonic Devices

Authors Sergiy Patskovsky, Anne-Marie Dallaire, Andre-Pierre Blanchard-Dionne, Alexis Vallée-Bélisle, and Michel Meunier


In this article, the implementation of electrochemical plasmonic nanostructures functionalized with DNA-based structure-switching sensors is presented. eNanoSPR devices with open and microfluidic measurement cells are developed on the base of nanohole arrays in 100 nm gold film and applied for combined microscopic and electrochemical surface plasmon (eSPR) visualization. eSPR voltammograms and spectroscopy are performed using planar three electrode schematic with plasmonic nanostructure operated as working electrode. Limit of detection of eNanoSPR devices for oligonucleotide hybridization is estimated in the low nanomolar and applications for structureswitching electro-plasmonic sensing in complex liquids are discussed.