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Journal of Raman Spectroscopy

  • Advanced materials

Evolution of the Raman Backscattered Intensity Used to Analyze the Micromechanisms of Deformation of Various Polypropylene Blends In Situ During a Uniaxial Tensile Test

Authors S. Chaudemanche, M. Ponçot, S. André, A. Dahoun, and P. Bourson


This paper presents a study of the evolution of the Raman backscattered intensity used to follow the modifications of polymer microstructure in real time during a tensile test. The context of this study is the coupling of the VideoTraction™ system with a Raman spectrometer, which has already led to in-situ measurements of molecular chains orientation and crystallinity. The polypropylene blends will be characterized optically at the same probing wavelength by incoherent light scattering to understand phenomena enlightened by Raman spectroscopy. Then, a discussion on the Raman intensity evolution is conducted, with the possible contribution of Raman spectroscopy to describe stages of the volume damage micromechanism.