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Thin Solid Films

  • Photovoltaics

Micrometric Investigation of External Quantum Efficiency in Microcrystalline CuInGa(S, Se)2 Solar Cells

Authors L. Lombez, D. Ory, M. Paire, A. Delamarre, G. El Hajje and J.F. Guillemoles


We present in this paper small scale spatial fluctuations of the spectral response of CuInGa(S,Se)2 polycrystalline solar cell. The experimental method is based on light beam induced current cartographies under different excitation wavelengths. From those measurements we can map minority carrier diffusion length Ln over the cell with a spatial resolution of about 2 μm. Spatial variations of Ln are evidenced, which result in a standard deviation of around 130 nm. The experiment also evidences spatial fluctuations of the external quantumefficiency that can arise from surface recombinations.