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N,N′-Substituted quinacridones for organic electronic device applications

Authors Donia Saadi, Felix Mayr, Cigdem Yumusak, Dominik Wielend, Munise Cobet, Bilge Kahraman, Cristian Vlad Irimia, Yasin Kanbur, Mateusz Bednorz, Kamil Kotwica, Amel Ben Fredj, Samir Romdhane, Markus C. Scharber, Niyazi Serdar Sariciftci and Mihai Irimia-Vladu


N,N′-Substituted quinacridones are a novel class of commercially available quinacridones for organic electronics which are reported here. In this study, we performed in-depth investigations of the material properties of these molecules i.e. their optical and charge transport properties, infrared-active vibrations (FTIR), electrochemical reduction and oxidation properties, thin film forming and processability, and finally performance in organic field effect transistor devices. We show that substitution plays a critical role in the charge transport properties, with methyl substituted amine being the most favorable, followed by di-phenyl and finally di-butyl.

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