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Journal of Biophotnics

  • Nanoparticles
  • Biochemistry & Nanosensors

Wide-Field Hyperspectral 3D Imaging of Functionalized Gold Nanoparticles Targeting Cancer Cells by Reflected Light Microscopy

Authors Sergiy Patskovsky, Eric Bergeron, David Rioux, and Michel Meunier


We present a new hyperspectral reflected light microscopy system with a scanned broadband supercontinuum light source. This wide-field and low phototoxic hyperspectral imaging system has been successful for performing spectral three-dimensional (3D) localization and spectroscopic identification of CD44-targeted PEGylated AuNPs in fixed cell preparations. Such spatial and spectral information is essential for the improvement of nanoplasmonic-based imaging, disease detection and treatment in complex biological environment. The presented system can be used for real-time 3D NP tracking as spectral sensors, thus providing new avenues in the spatio-temporal characterization and detection of bioanalytes.