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  • Hyperspectral imaging


  • Advanced materials
  • Life Sciences

Global Hyperspectral Raman Microscope

RIMA is a hyperspectral global microscope delivering spectral and spatial information. This system rapidly provides Raman maps over large megapixel-scale fields of view. Based on high throughput global-imaging filters, RIMA is faster and more efficient than standard point-by-point or line-scan-based systems.

RIMA Applications Overview

  • Perform low-dimensional material analyses like graphene and carbon nanotubes.
  • Monitor and analyze biological tissues non-invasively.
  • Intraoperative cancer imaging with SERS nanoparticles.
  • Identify materials (plastic, metals) and characterize their structure (crystallinity, phase, chemical bond, strain, stress).

Product Specifications

Technical Specifications
RIMA 532 / RIMA 660 RIMA 785
Excitation wavelengths 532 nm, 660 nm 785 nm
Spectral range 190 - 4000 cm⁻¹ 190 - 2700 cm⁻¹
Spectral resolution < 7 cm⁻¹ < 7 cm⁻¹
Spectral channels Continuously tunable Continuously tunable
Spatial resolution Sub-micron - limited by the microscope NA Sub-micron - limited by the microscope NA
Camera Back-illuminated CCD Back-illuminated deep-depletion CCD
Microscope Upright or inverted Upright or inverted




Photon etc.’s Global Imaging Technology

This video shows the conceptual difference between hyperspectral global imaging and raster scan (line scan, pushbroom). With global imaging, only a few monochromatic images are required to obtain a hyperspectral cube of data (X-Y spatial, Z spectral). With raster scan technologies, a spectrum needs to be acquired on each point/line within the desired field of view.

Custom Products

Beyond our standard product lines, we bring to bear our know-how through collaborations with industry and researchers both local and international. It’s in our DNA to build systems that measure up to the high standards set by our customers in science and industry. Please contact us if you don’t see what you are looking for in our standard product lines.

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