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Nanoscale Advances

  • Nanoparticles

Direct 3D-printed CdSe quantum dots via scanning micropipette

Authors Taesun Yun, Yong Bin Kim, Taegeon Lee, Heesuk Rho, Hyeongwoo Lee, Kyoung-Duck Park, Hong Seok Lee and Sangmin An


The micropipette, pencil-shaped with an aperture diameter of a few micrometers, is a potentially promising tool for the three-dimensional (3D) printing of individual microstructures based on its capability to deliver low volumes of nanomaterial solution on a desired spot resulting in micro/nanoscale patterning. Here, we demonstrate a direct 3D printing technique in which a micropipette with a cadmium selenide (CdSe) quantum dot (QD) solution is guided by an atomic force microscope with no electric field and no piezo-pumping schemes. We define the printed CdSe QD wires, which are a composite material with a QD–liquid coexistence phase, by using photoluminescence and Raman spectroscopy to analyze their intrinsic properties and additionally demonstrate a means of directional falling.

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