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  • Perovskite

Effects of local compositional heterogeneity in mixed halide perovskites on blue electroluminescence

Authors Xiyu Luo, Weidong Xu, Guanhaojie Zheng, Sandhya Tammireddy, Qi Wei, Max Karlsson, Zhaojun Zhang, Kangyu Ji, Simon Kahmann, Chunyang Yin, Yatao Zou, Zeyu Zhang, Huaiyu Chen, Lucas A.B. Marcal, Haifeng Zhao, Dongxin Ma, Dongdong Zhang, Yue Lu, Mingjie Li, Carsten Deibel, Samuel D. Stranks, Lian Duan, Jesper Wallentin, Wei Huang, and Feng Gao


Compositional heterogeneity is commonly observed in mixed bromide/iodide perovskite photoabsorbers, typically with minimal effects on charge carrier recombination and photovoltaic performance. Consistently, it has so far received very limited attention in bromide/chloride-mixed perovskites, which hold particular significance for blue light-emitting diodes. Here, we uncover that even a minor degree of localized halide heterogeneity leads to severe non-radiative losses in mixed bromide/chloride blue perovskite emitters, presenting a stark contrast to general observations in photovoltaics. We not only provide a visualization of the heterogeneity landscape spanning from micro-to sub-microscale but also identify that this issue mainly arises from the initially formed chloride-rich clusters during perovskite nucleation. Our work sheds light on a long-term neglected factor impeding the advancement of blue light-emitting diodes using mixed halide perovskites and provides a practical strategy to mitigate this issue.

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