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  • Perovskite

Physics-based material parameters extraction from perovskite experiments via Gaussian process

Authors Hualin Zhan, Viqar Ahmad, Azul Mayon, Grace Tabi, Anh Dinh Bui, Zhuofeng Li, Daniel Walter, Hieu Nguyen, Klaus Weber, Thomas White, Kylie Catchpole


The ability to extract material parameters of perovskite from quantitative experimental analysis is essential for rational design of photovoltaic and optoelectronic applications. However, the difficulty of this analysis increases significantly with the complexity of the theoretical model and the number of material parameters for perovskite. Here we use Gaussian process to develop an analysis platform that can extract up to 8 fundamental material parameters of an organometallic perovskite semiconductor from a transient photoluminescence experiment, based on a complex full physics model that includes drift-diffusion of carriers and dynamic defect occupation. An example study of thermal degradation reveals that changes in doping concentration and carrier mobility dominate, while the defect energy level remains nearly unchanged. This platform can be conveniently applied to other experiments or to combinations of experiments, accelerating materials discovery and optimization of semiconductor materials for photovoltaics and other applications.

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