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  • Perovskite

Tunable Multiband Halide Perovskite Tandem Photodetectors with Switchable Response

Authors Oliver D. I. Moseley, Bart Roose, Szymon J. Zelewski, Simon Kahmann, Krishanu Dey, and Samuel D. Stranks*


Photodetectors with multiple spectral response bands have shown promise to improve imaging and communications through the switchable detection of different photon energies. However, demonstrations to date have been limited to only two bands and lack capability for fast switching in situ. Here, we exploit the band gap tunability and capability of all-perovskite tandem solar cells to demonstrate a new device concept realizing four spectral bands of response from a single multijunction device, with fast, optically controlled switching between the bands. The response to monochromatic light is highly selective and narrowband without the need for additional filters and switches to broader response bands on applying bias light. Sensitive photodetection above 6 × 1011 Jones is demonstrated in all modes, with rapid switching response times of <250 ns. We demonstrate proof of principle on how the manipulation of the modular multiband detector response through light conditions enables diverse applications in optical communications with secure encryption.

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