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Photon etc’s technology and applications in action: global hyperspectral imaging, in vivo fluorescence imaging, Bragg tunable filters.

IMA - Hyperspectral Microscope

From solar cells to live cell imaging, this global hyperspectral microscope, IMA, rapidly provides spectrally and spatially resolved maps in the VIS, NIR and SWIR ranges. Hyperspectral fluorescence, photoluminescence, electroluminescence, reflectance and transmittance measurements can be obtained. Darkfield and brightfield modalities are available.

Introduction to the Laser Line Tunable Filter - LLTF

The LLTF combines a wide spectral tunability (400-2300 nm) with the highest out-of-band rejection (< -60 dB) available on the market. When coupled to a supercontinuum source, the LLTF is an ideal tool for spectroscopy, calibration and hyperspectral imaging.

Silicon Carbide Defect Characterization

This video shows how various types of defects in SiC can easily be detected using electroluminescence maps obtained with Photon etc’s hyperspectral imaging system, IMA. Offering spectrally resolved images, Photon etc’s hyperspectral imaging technology improves advanced material development capacities.