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In Vivo NIR-II Imaging: A Disruptive Force for Preclinical Research

Authors Stephen Marchant, Jacob Yvon-Leroux and Émilie Beaulieu Ouellet


In vivo imaging in the second near-infrared biological window (NIR-II) is in its early stages but will undoubtedly affect life science research on many levels. The NIR-II (short-wave infrared, or SWIR) imaging modality is not affected by drawbacks of light propagation in living tissues in the same way that other techniques are. Thus, it enables much deeper real-time imaging of optical probes in the organism, with much higher resolutions. One breakthrough in the field of SWIR imaging has been the demonstration that many probes already in use in the clinic can be used for this technique. Both NIR-I and NIR-II probes work well when imaging in the NIR-II window.

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