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NIR-II Preclinical Imager

Imaging in the Second Biological Window

IR VIVO is an infrared multispectral imager for small animal studies. This system benefits from reduced light scattering, absorption and auto-fluorescence by using a detection system in the near and short-wave infrared. Visualize your biomarkers in vivo and in real-time with optimized contrast resolution and sensitivity. IR VIVO takes advantage of the most recent developments in SWIR imaging with an ultra-low-noise InGaAs camera (Alizé 1.7 or ZephIR 1.7), novel homogeneous illumination and powerful analytical software to provide an unprecedented combination of fast, high resolution and deep imaging. 

NIR-II Imaging properties

  • High spatial resolution
  • High temporal resolution (real-time dynamics)
  • Non-ionizing & non-invasive
  • Good penetration depth (10x greater than traditional visible optical systems).

Product Specifications

Technical Specifications
Emission spectral range 850-1620 nm extension available in the visible
Filter type Multispectral: filter wheel. Hyperspectral: HyperCube™ (< 4nm spectral resolution (FWHM)). Single point detection: spectral probe.
Illumination source 760 nm or 808 nm laser at 1 mW/mm². Other sources available upon request.
Field of view Variable from 8 x 4 cm to 15.6 x 12.5 cm
Dimensions Tabletop: 77 x 60 x 98 cm
Stage temperature Up to 40 °C
Anesthetic tubing and nosecone Three mice anesthetic gaz manifold supplied
Software PC (Windows10 - 64-bits) with PHySpec™ control and analysis software (Computer included)
Type InGaAs (Alizé™ 1.7 or ZephIR™ 1.7)
FPA size (px) 640 x 512
Pixel size (µm) 15
Quantum efficiency > 70% 0.95 - 1.67 µm at 25 °C and > 70% 0.89 - 1.62 µm at -50 °C


In Vivo NIR-II Imaging: Contact-Free Monitoring Heartbeat & Respiratory Rate

High-speed imaging made available by the fast frame rates of InGaAs cameras allows for contact-free cardiography and respiratory rate measurements in both anesthetized and awake animals. Such contact-free measurements of awake mice obtained without the use of any restraining device could drastically change studies procedures in labs.

Real-Time Biodistribution and Pharmacokinetics of ICG in a Mouse Using NIR-II Fluorescence

Video of IR VIVO imaging experiment showing the biodistribution and pharmacokinetics of ICG in real time. IR VIVO is able to visualize NIR probes at high resolutions. From one single injection, it was possible to obtain measurements of heartbeats, respiration and intestinal contraction rates.

In Vivo NIR-II Imaging of Liver Metabolism, Hepatobiliary Elimination & Gastro-Intestinal Motility

With a simple tail-vein injection of ICG, we can study liver metabolism, measure hepatobiliary elimination and monitor gastrointestinal motility simultaneously in vivo and contact-free. Such a straightforward method to image the intestine could help research on metabolic diseases.

White Papers

In Vivo NIR-II Imaging: A Disruptive Force for Preclinical Research

Authors Stephen Marchant, Jacob Yvon-Leroux and Émilie Beaulieu Ouellet


In vivo imaging in the second near-infrared biological window (NIR-II) is in its early stages but will undoubtedly affect life science research on many levels. The NIR-II (short-wave infrared, or SWIR) imaging modality is not affected by drawbacks of light propagation in living tissues in the same way that other techniques are. Thus, it enables much deeper real-time imaging of optical probes in…

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